No, I just can’t forget…


Jonathan  9.11.1977 – 8.10.1988

Who?  I’d like you to meet my brother, Jonathan.  He would have been 37 years old today.  Born in Bitburg, Germany on Bitburg Air Base, and died in Maywood, IL and Loyola University Medical Center.  My brother died tragically while riding bikes with 2 other friends.  He was hit by a car and sustained injuries that took his life.  In his death, he was able to give others life by donating organs.  Hope in the midst of absolute tragedy, devastation, and loss.  We still miss him everyday, but on days like today, he is in the forefront of our minds.  Happy Birthday little brother.  I can’t wait to see you again in the clouds.



I’m sure you remember the tragedy and loss that people simply now only refer to as 9.11.  It definitely brought a whole new perspective to an already seared date for me.  Do you remember where you were, what you were doing, or who you were with?  I do.  I remember being in shock and saying…”we’re at war.”

I don’t know that anyone put it quite as well as Alan Jackson did.  Faith.  Hope.  Love.  God Bless you wherever you are on this September 11, 2014.  May peace shelter your souls, love fill your hearts, and hope dry your tears.


11 thoughts on “No, I just can’t forget…

  1. I’m so sorry for you loss. I do remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. I was a nanny in CT at the time and I had just flown back there from a 3 week vacation home in WI. I normally flew in and out of Westchester County airport, but this time I used LaGuardia. I watched the towers all the way in for the landing. 3 days later, they were gone. I was driving to work when the first plane hit and I heard it on the radio. I ran into the house and yelled up to Jane what had happened. I was watching the news and holding 3 month old Daniel as I watched the 2nd plane hit. That day is forever etched into my memory. My boyfriend at the time had a friend who’s Dad got out just as the tower collapsed so that day definitely hit close to home for us.

    • Thank You.
      Wow. What a story. I can’t imagine what he must have felt as he made it out. Relief certainly…guilt probably too. I’m so glad he got out. I’ll never forget seeing all of those people throw themselves from the building. I cried almost the whole day. I was living in Southwest Michigan at the time and was home for a few days as it was my late brother’s birthday. My parents and I watched as the second plane hit the next tower and we were just stunned. Life was uncertain…no one knew who we were at war with. I had to get back to Michigan because they were shutting Chicago down. I was in grub clothes and dropped an application of at Loyola because I wanted to move back home. They begged me to allow them to interview me because they were all so distraught and needed a distraction. So, grub clothes and all, I sat through the interview (even though that wasn’t my intent). Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. I love that your family was able to provide life to others during such a hard time for your family – such an amazing act of compassion. (We were unable to do this with either my mom or sister due to the extensive nature of there injuries and being in a relatively remote location, but my Dad and I still wish we could have). Wishing you lots of love and moment peaceful reflection.

  3. Sorry about your brother… a little angel is watching for you and he is there to protect you…
    Deligent and persistence… you are proactive, you have that motive to plan each and every day to make your dreams become reality…

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