Too Good not to Share…

If you haven’t seen or read this article, it’s a great read.  This is my opinion.  I struggled when our pediatrician recommended “sleep training” via the Ferber Method.  In the end, I decided to trust my “gut,” mommy instincts and do what I had learned and already had been doing since our NICU stay.  After reading other articles and talking to others about it, I’m glad I did.  Enjoy!

Click on link to read article:
Avoid Stressful Sleep Training and Get The Sleep You Need




2 thoughts on “Too Good not to Share…

  1. That’s a great article. I miss sleeping! I know though that with everything going on with Luke it isn’t the time to try to train him to sleep longer stretches. We still co-sleep and feed when he stirs….and whatever else works for him that night. I truly believe babies know what they are doing most of the time and only need gentle guidance

    • They’re little for such a short time and when then need us, they need us. I’m sorry Luke is having such a tough time. I’m so glad co-sleeping is working for you. It’s been a life-saver for me too!

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