A little about me

Well let me tell you a little about myself and the reason I decided to start a blog.  I was born into a very musical family and remember my parents singing for many occasions, specially my mom.  I was a very young girl, and all four of us kids pretty much got to tag along.  This happened so much that the parents started a children’s choir comprised of all of their children.  It was such fun!

I’m a registered nurse.  I work in the ICU and occasionally help out in the Interventional Radiology department as well as the Emergency Room.  I love being a nurse and caring for both patients and families in times of crisis.

I sang in my first wedding when I was 10 years old as a soloist.  I’ve been singing, planning, reading, organizing and making arrangements for various events ever since.  In 2011, I had the pleasure and stress of planning my own wedding.  I have to tell you, I painlessly planned the entire week.  I took time off of work because many of our guests were from out of town.  My wonderful husband helped with everything and anything I asked for.  That being said, this blog was initially started with the thought of helping others plan their own events and milestones of life.  What it has become is a place to share my own story, struggles, triumphs, challenges and faith.

Event planning never got off the ground.  Instead, stories of life, infertility, the birth of a micropreemie all grounded in the grace and compassion of God and my life’s faith journey are shared here.  It is my hope that in sharing these stories, others will find comfort in knowing, you are not alone. We walk this journey together.  Sisters, Brothers, Mothers, Wives and everything in between.  Blessings and Peace to you.  Thanks for stopping by.

Feel free to contact me at:  coalescedreverie@gmail.com

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